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Frequently asked questions about "Loans ..."
  What is the maximum amount I can borrow?
Each bank calculates your maximum borrowing capacity differently using their own serviceability calculators. We run your figures over all the banks calculators and determine the amounts each bank is willing to offer you. We can also suggest ways to increase your borrowing amount if required. In general, the higher your income and the lower your other liabilities are, the more you can borrow.

  Should I get a fixed rate or the variable rate loan?

  How much does Tax Wealth Accountants’ service cost for loans?

 Can I pay extra off my loan?

  How much can I save by paying extra off the loan?

  Can I link an offset account with the loan?

 What is mortgage insurance and do I have to pay it?
  Can I redraw excess funds from the loan?
  What are the ongoing fees associated with the loan?

  Should I go for the honeymoon rate loan?

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