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FAQ’s relating to tax and accounting matters
  Can we get all types of financial services from Tax Wealth Accountants?
Tax Wealth Accountants has in house services for all your tax/accounting/GST/BAS/finance/loans/leases/business setup and formation issues. We also help our clients in getting financial planning/superannuation and personal insurances advise from qualified financial planners. Our business networks include solicitors, Quantity Surveyors (for Depreciation Schedules) and business brokers and we can assure you of excellent service from all these professionals.

  Do I get advice during the year or only when I do our tax returns?

  Are all tax lodgements electronic and how long it takes to get my refund?

  Is Tax Wealth Accountants dealing with only individuals or business?

  Do u deal with non resident and work/temporary/student visa clients?

  Can your staff provide onsite book keeping services at my premises?

  Which software you use for bookkeeping/accounting?
  can you help in self managed super fund setup and audit?
  Do I get to see a qualified consultant to discuss my tax/accounting/business matters?

  Is same consultant available for me all the time for my tax/business advice?

  Is my information confidential & do you have arrangements for business meetings?

  Are you open 7 days a week?

  In what areas your practice specializes?

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